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Abundant Life Ministries, Primrose, Germiston


God spoke to our hearts and gave a clear mandate and gave a clear mandate to build a sanctuary and a complex to meet the needs of the people. We have kept this word in our hearts and believe that now is the time fo us to move ahead with our vision.

In the book of Habakkuk Chapter 2:2

it says we are to write the vision down and make it clear for all to see and understand and to be able to run with it.

We do this in all humility as we know it to His instructions not ours.

The entire complex will be known as the Abundant Life Christian Centre. A complex with facilities that will meet the needs of the total man, Spirit, Soul and Body.

There are so many complex problems in our community, these need to be addressed in a practical manner, not just spoken about and wished away, there needs to be tangible evidence that God cares about the well being of His people.

Remember together we can do this – United we stand – Divided we will fall, so rise up with us and let us believe God for this wonderful dream to become a reality.

We would consider it a privilege to have you choose to make this ministry your spiritual home. We trust that the Holy Spirit will help you to grow and settle down in your new home over the next few months. We believe that this shore time of interaction will guide you as to who we are and what our plans and visions for the future are.

Our church is registered as a non denominational 21, a non profit company. Our Pastors hold national and interntional credentials.

We are a family orientated church, we understand that the local church is as strong as it’s families. Pastor Frans and Evy are graduates from Rhema Bible College Pastor Frans was also graduated from Teamwork Bible College with a Bachelors degree in Theology as sell as a Master’s degree in Leadership (Magna cum Laude) as well as his doctrate in ministry. This ministry was birthed on 6th March 1983 in someone’s home with a great crowd of 12 people. Today we have some 300 families in fellowship here at our church – Approximately 700 people including children.

Pastor Frans not only stands in the office of Senior Pastor of this Ministry but also flows strongly in the Annointing of the Prophet/Psalmist. He has made many music albums as well as is known in this country and abroad for his singing ministry. He has appeared many times on radio and T.V both Locally and Internationally.

Pastor Frans and Pastor Evy are marriage councellors while he is also a commissioner of oaths and a licensed marriage officer. Together with their assistan pastors, the elders and deacons of this Ministry, may we once again say that you are welcome at Abundant Life Ministries may your time with us be rich and rewarding.

Abundant Life Ministries

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